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Prehistoric Period - History of Uttarakhand - GovtVacancy.Net
Posted on 13-06-2022

History of Uttarakhand – Prehistoric period:   Human habitation in the prehistoric period has been confirmed by stone tools, caves, picture shells, skeletons, and metal tools found in many places in the state of Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand Prehistoric Period

Lakhu Cave

In 1963, Lakhu Udyar (Cave) was discovered, which is located on Dalband near Badachhina of Almora, here pictures of humans and animals have been found, and the paintings are also decorated with colors.

Guarakhya Cave

Colorful pictures of humans, sheep, reindeer, etc. have been found in this Udyar situated near Dugri village on the banks of river Alaknanda in Chamoli.

kimni village

Pictures of weapons and animals painted in white have been found in the caves of this village located near Tharali near Chamoli.

Malari Village

Thousands of years old male skeletons, clay pots, animal organs, and a 5.2 kg gold mask were found in the village of Malari in Chamoli, adjacent to Tibet, In 2002, the prehistoric archaeological site of Malari village was excavated by Garhwal University.


In the picture obtained from Lwethap of Almora, humans are shown hunting and dancing.


Indigo color has been used in the rock paintings obtained from Hudli of Uttarkashi.


The figures of humans dancing have been found in the paintings obtained from Kaffarkot located between Petshala and Punakot village of Almora.


Human figures obtained from the falasima of Almora are shown doing yoga and dancing.


Eight copper human figures have been found from Bankot of Pithoragarh.

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