President Launches Stealth Frigate INS Vindhyagiri

President Launches Stealth Frigate INS Vindhyagiri
Posted on 19-08-2023

President Murmu Unveils INS Vindhyagiri: India Launches Advanced Stealth Frigate as Part of Project 17A

President Droupadi Murmu has inaugurated the state-of-the-art stealth frigate INS Vindhyagiri, marking the completion of the trio of Project 17A (Alpha) frigates. The vessel was constructed by the Indian Navy at the shipyards of Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE) in Kolkata.

Stealth Frigate

A stealth frigate represents a type of naval warship that incorporates cutting-edge stealth technology and design features to significantly minimize its radar cross-section and overall visibility to enemy detection systems. This advanced technology allows the frigate to operate with a decreased likelihood of being detected by radar, enhancing its ability to avoid enemy tracking, targeting, and engagement.

The design of stealth frigates incorporates several strategies to reduce their signatures, including:

  • Radar Cross-Section Reduction: The frigate's hull and superstructure are meticulously designed to deflect and absorb radar waves, diminishing its radar cross-section. This design strategy reduces the vessel's visibility on enemy radar screens.

  • Emission and Signature Management: These frigates are equipped with technologies that effectively manage their electromagnetic emissions from systems such as radar and communication devices. This control minimizes the risk of detection by enemy sensors.

  • Low Infrared and Thermal Signatures: The materials and design of stealth frigates are aimed at reducing their infrared and thermal signatures, rendering them less susceptible to infrared and heat-seeking sensors.

  • Acoustic Signature Reduction: By utilizing sound-absorbing materials and techniques, these frigates minimize the noise generated by onboard machinery and propulsion systems. This makes it more challenging for adversaries' sonar systems to detect the vessel underwater.

Stealth frigates are strategically employed in naval operations encompassing anti-submarine warfare, anti-air warfare, maritime patrol, surveillance, and escort missions. Their stealth attributes significantly bolster their survivability and efficacy in contemporary naval warfare scenarios, where reducing detection and engagement ranges is of paramount importance.

Project 17A

The Project 17 Alpha frigates (P-17A) were introduced by the Indian Navy in 2019. These frigates are an evolution of the preceding Project 17 (Shivalik Class) Frigates, incorporating upgraded stealth features, advanced weaponry and sensors, as well as enhanced platform management systems. The project was initiated by the Indian defense forces to construct a series of guided-missile frigates employing stealth technology.

Two companies, namely Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders (MDL) and Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers (GRSE), are involved in the construction of these frigates. Under the Project 17A program, a total of four ships by MDL and three by GRSE are currently under construction. The initial five ships of the project were launched between 2019 and 2022, with the first stealth ship, Nilgiri, being unveiled in 2019, and the second, Udaygiri, in May 2022. These Project 17A ships have been conceived by the Indian Navy's Warship Design Bureau WDB. In line with the nation's firm commitment to self-reliance (Aatma Nirbharta), a substantial 75% of the orders for equipment and systems of Project 17A ships originate from indigenous firms, including Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

News Summary: President Murmu launches stealth frigate INS Vindhyagiri

President Droupadi Murmu ceremoniously introduced the highly advanced stealth frigate INS Vindhyagiri to the Indian Navy in Kolkata. The ship's construction was carried out at the facilities of Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd. (GRSE) in Kolkata.

Key Highlights

INS Vindhyagiri is the sixth vessel to be launched as part of the Project 17A Frigate initiative. The preceding five vessels—INS Nilgiri, Udaygiri, Himgiri, Taragiri, and Dunagiri—were unveiled between the years 2019 and 2022.


The P17A ships belong to the category of guided missile frigates. With a length of 149 meters, a displacement of approximately 6,670 tonnes, and a maximum speed of 28 knots, these vessels possess the capability to counter threats across the three dimensions of air, surface, and sub-surface.

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