Rajasthan Geography Questions and Answers (Rajasthan GK [General Knowledge])

Rajasthan Geography Questions and Answers (Rajasthan GK [General Knowledge])
Posted on 18-12-2022

Rajasthan Geography Questions and Answers (Rajasthan GK [General Knowledge])

1 Soil suitable for cotton cultivation? Black soil (in Kota, Bundi, Naran, Jhalawar i.e. Hadoti area
2 Which sand dunes cause the most damage  Barkhan Sand Stupa (in Shekhawati area)
3 most erosion by water Kota, Sawai Madhopur, by Chambal river in Karauli district. It is also called Gully Errision / Kandara problem.
4 Jajam is the main center of printing? Akola (Chittorgarh)
5 The main reason for drought and famine in Rajasthan erratic rain
6 State's first biodiesel refinery Jhamarkotra (Udaipur)
7 chernozem soil area Pali, Nagaur, Ajmer, Jaipur. This soil is also called gray desert soil.
8 Where are Kho Dariba, Gudha Kishori Das and Bhagouni Khane, famous for copper mining recently? in Alwar district
9 fifty six hills Marwar's Small Mount Haldeshwar Mahadev Temple in Barmer, Piplud is also in these hills
10 north to south length of rajasthan 826 kms.
11 East to West Length of Rajasthan 869 kms.
12 Total length of Aravalli and length in Rajasthan 692 km. and 550 km in Rajasthan.
13 Physically parts of Rajasthan 4 parts


Þ North-west desert region

Þ Central Aravalli range

Þ Eastern Plains

Þ Hadoti Plateau

14 Which district has the most neighboring districts? Pali's (8 neighboring districts) Jodhpur, Barmer, Jalore, Sirohi, Udaipur, Rajsamand, Ajmer, Nagaur
15 Districts and villages located on the north, south, east, west borders   Þ     North  – Sri Ganganagar (Kona A Village)


Þ     South  – Banswara (Borkund village, Kushalgarh tehsil)

Þ     East  – Dhaulpur (Silan Village, Rajakheda Tehsil)

Þ     West  – Jaisalmer (Katra Village, Sam Panchayat Samiti, Jaisalmer Tehsil)

16 longest serving chief minister Mohanlal Sukhadia (for about 17 years)
17 sandy desert Irg
18 rocky desert hammand
19 mixed desert Rag
20 Father of Operation Flood / Father of White Revolution Verghese Kurien, this revolution started in the 4th five year plan.
21 what is brown revolution related to Food Processing
22 woman fighting for the right to information Aruna Rai (Tilonia, Ajmer work area, through whom this movement started from Chand Mate, Beawar
23 Rajasthan High Court was shifted to Jodhpur in 1958 on the recommendation of which committee? Shri Satyanarayana Rao Committee
24 underground airport? NAL Airport (Bikaner), Suratgarh Airport (Shri Ganganagar)
25 First rail, first rail bus in Rajasthan The first train – in April 1874 AD, ran between Agra Fort to Bandi Kui in the princely state of Jaipur (but Bandi Kui is currently in Dausa district)


First Rail Bus – 2 October 1994 AD between Merta Road to Merta City

26 Largest meter gauge railway yard Phulera, Jaipur
27 The only district with narrow gauge Dholpur
28 Railwala Baba Kishanlal Soni (Bundi)
29 Valmiki told Rajasthan Marukantar
30 5th airport After Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Kota, the state's fifth airport (runway will be made of lead and steel) is possible in Kishangarh Ajmer, but currently Jodhpur and Jaisalmer are also in discussion due to airports.
31 5 cities  
32 When and where was the first sugar mill of Rajasthan  1932 AD The Mewar Sugar Mill, MSM (Bhupalsagar, Chittorgarh) in private sector, currently closed
33 When and where is the second sugar mill 1956 AD The Ganganagar Sugar Mill GSM (Ganganagar) in Public Sector
34 When and where is the third sugar mill 1965 E. Keshoraipatan (Bundi) currently closed, in cooperative sector
35 Inauguration of Panchayati Raj System By the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru on October 2, 1959 at Bagdari village (Nagaur)
36 Which district is in the National Capital Region  Alwar district and some parts of Bharatpur district
37 Which princely states established private railway routes before independence? Bikaner and Jodhpur
38 Most felspar Beawar, Ajmer
39 Districts included in the desert triangle Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner
40 highest dam Jakham Dam (Pratapgarh), 81 m high
41 Largest dam in terms of storage capacity  Rana Pratap Sagar Dam (Chittorgarh)
42 largest earthen dam Fifth Dam (Karoli)
43 Chief Executive Officer of Panchayat Samiti  BDO (Block Development Officer)
44 What percentage of reservation for women in Panchayati Raj 50 %
45 from where the purest salt Pachpadra/Panchbhadra (Barmer), 98% sodium chloride, Kharvel caste people make crystals of salt using Morli bush.
46 most fluorspar Mandon Ki Pal (Dungarpur)
47 Biggest river valley project in tribal area Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam Project, Borkheda Village (Banswara)
48 Chhabra Power Project Baran
49 Shape of Rajasthan trapezoidal or kite shaped
50 total land area of ​​rajasthan 5920 kms.
51 Districts on International Border 4 Districts –


Þ Sriganganagar (210 km.)

Þ Bikaner (168 km.)

Þ Jaisalmer (464 km.)

Þ Barmer (228 km.)

52 most ghee stone Udaipur
53 small mount of marwar Piplud (Barmer), Haldeshwar Mahadev Temple
54 desert rose Jaisalmer (because of the artistically beautiful havelis)
55 Total time taken for integration of Rajasthan 8 years 7 months 14 days
56 most fallow land Jodhpur
57 most saline fallow land Pali
58 Most wasted and barren land Jaisalmer
59 most wasted plateau land Rajsamand
60 most rugged land Karauli/Sawai Madhopur
61 Famous place for Khesla industry Leta Village (Jalore)
62 white cement factory Gotan (Nagaur)


Kharia Khangar (Jodhpur), the largest

Mangrol (Chittorgarh)

63 most gray stone Alwar
64 Most Barytes (Heavy Stones) Udaipur
65 most red stone Dholpur
66 Most pink granite Jalore
67 jal wala baba Rajendra Singh (Alwar), Johde Wala Baba and also known as "Water Man of India".
68 From which lake is maximum salt obtained?  From Sambhar Lake (Jaipur), 8.7% of the country's total salt
69 When and which was the first national park 1980 AD Ranthambore National Park, Sawai Madhopur
70 When and which second national park 1981 Kevala Dev Bird Sanctuary, Ghana (Bharatpur)
71 When and which was the first Tiger Project Ranthambore Tiger Project (Sawai Madhopur), 1974 AD.
72 when and which second tiger project Sariska Tiger Project (Alwar), 1978 AD.
73 field of fifty six The land between Banswara and Pratapgarh
74 Name of Indo-Pak International Border Radcliffe International Border
75 johad Wells in Shekhawati region are called
76 Total districts situated to the east and west of Aravalli 19 in East and 14 in West
77 peak of the saints Guru Shikhar, 1722 m high by Colonel James Tod
78 largest wildlife sanctuary National Desert Parks (3162 sq. km.), Jaisalmer (1900 sq. km.) and Barmer (1262 sq. km.)
79 Country's smallest tiger project Ranthambore Tiger Project (Sawai Madhopur), 392 sq.km.
80 Deccan Lava Plateau Region of South-East Rajasthan Plateau from Bhainsrodgarh to Bijolia upper material
81 Maximum loss of Aravalli ranges parallelism of monsoon winds that cause less rainfall
82 Best advantage of Aravalli range Prevents the desert part of the west from coming to the east
83 Darrah Sanctuary is in which district Kota
84 Famous sanctuary for flying squirrel Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary (Pratapgarh)
85 tourist's paradise Udaipur
86 most gypsum Nagaur
87 most fertile soil alluvial soil/ alluvial soil
88 Forest of Rajasthan Machiya Safari Park, Jodhpur
89 Districts of Vagad Region Dungarpur, Banswara
90 Most marble production units Rajsamand
91 Most White Marble (Whiteness) Makrana (Nagaur)
92 most green marble Udaipur, Dungarpur
93 most black marble Bhainslana (Jaipur)
94 biggest marble market Kishangarh (Ajmer)
95 city ​​of canals Udaipur
96 Rainfall in northern and western Rajasthan due to Mediterranean cyclones in winter Maavath / Mahavat
97 What percentage of the area of ​​Rajasthan is desert 11 %
98 The only reserve of teak forests Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary (85% in Pratapgarh and 15% in Chittorgarh)
99 Sanctuary famous for black deer and kurjan Tal Chhapar (Churu)
100 Dam located in dense bird sanctuary Ajan Dam


101 India's oldest mountain range Aravali
102 Which neighboring state has maximum and minimum boundary of Rajasthan? Madhya Pradesh (1600 km) and Punjab (89 km)
103 Total neighboring states 5 Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat
104 desert fig tree Khejdi
105 desert teak Rohida
106 tribal tree Mahua
107 tribal green gold bamboo
108 Prayagraj of Bhils Beneshwar (Dungarpur)
109 Largest and smallest district in terms of area Jaisalmer (38401 Sq. Km.), Dholpur (3033 Sq. Km.)


Note: At the time of its construction, Dausa was 2950 sq km. It was the smallest district of Rajasthan, but with the inclusion of Mahua Tehsil (which was earlier in Sawai Madhopur) in Dausa in August, 1992, the area of ​​Dausa increased to 3432 sq.km. Done, so at present Dholpur is the smallest district in Rajasthan.

110 Largest and smallest division in terms of area Jodhpur (117801 Sq.Km.)


Bharatpur (18157 Sq. Km.)

111 Which tree is found in most forests in Rajasthan? dhokra
112 Soft grass found in Tal Chhapar Sanctuary, Churu Mothia (Cypress rotundus)
113 driest district Jaisalmer
114 driest place Phalodi, Jodhpur
115 wettest district Jhalawar
116 wettest place Mount Abu (Sirohi)
117 Central Goat Development and Fodder Research Center Ramsar (Ajmer)
118 Central Camel Breeding Center Jodbeed (Bikaner)
119 State Buffalo Breeding Center Vallabhnagar (Udaipur)
120 Central Sheep Breeding Center Avikanagar (Tonk)
121 State Pig Breeding Center Alwar
122 horse breeding center These breeding centers are 10 in Rajasthan.
123 Godavan's Artificial Breeding Center Jodhpur Zoo
124 CAZRI Central Arid Zone Research Institute, 1959 AD, Jodhpur
125 Remote Sensing Application Center Jodhpur
126 To solve the problem of salinity and alkalinity in the soil use of gypsum
127 "Island Resort Hotel" On an island in Jaisamand Lake
128 Madho Sagar Dam Dausa
129 The river that divides Jhunjhunu into two parts Kantli River
130 Which river forms the Bujh lake in Jaisalmer? Kakni River / Masurdi River / Kakney River
131 world's biggest award The history of Mewar is written in 1917 verses in Sanskrit language in 25 inscriptions on 9 outposts in the northern part of Rajsamand Lake.


Author of Prashasti – Ranchod Bhatt

132 India's second largest artificial lake and its ancient name Jaisamand Lake, Dhebar (Udaipur)
133 Rajkot of Rajasthan Lunkaransar (Bikaner), due to groundnut production
134 city ​​of lakes Udaipur
135 city ​​of gardens quota
136 "Monkey Valley" Galtaji (Jaipur)
137 India has only one snake park Kota Zoo
138 Biggest garden of Rajasthan Chhatrivilas Garden (Kota)
139 The only Japanese style garden in Rajasthan Chambal Garden (Kota)
140 The only perennial river of Rajasthan Chambal River
141 Highest water fall of Rajasthan Menal Falls, 122 meters high, Bhilwara
142 Chulia Falls In Chittorgarh, on the Chambal River
143 Narrow canal connecting Pichhola Lake and Fatehsagar Lake Swaroop Sagar, Fateh Singh is considered to be the father of the concept of connecting the lakes.
144 The river which enters Rajasthan from the south and flows to the west and again turns to the south? Mahi River
145 The only river flowing from south to north in Rajasthan  Chambal River
146 longest river of rajasthan Chambal River (total length – 966 km., in Rajasthan – 135 km.
147 longest river of inland water flow  Ghaggar River
148 Longest river flowing entirely in Rajasthan Banas River (480 km.)
149 Origin of Banas River Hill of Khamnaur (Rajsamand)
150 first solar powered boat Pichhola Lake (Udaipur)
151 Maota (Mawtha) Lake Amer (Jaipur)
152 Origin and Zero Point of Indira Gandhi Canal Harike Barrage (Punjab), Gadra Road (Barmer)
153 Relationship of Jeevandhara Yojana construction of irrigation wells
154 First canal of Rajasthan Ganganhar, 1927, brought Ganga Singh
155 Som-Kamala-Amba Project Dungarpur
156 Changed name of Rajasthan canal Indira Gandhi Canal, replaced on 2 November 1984
157 Through which means maximum irrigation in Rajasthan from wells and tube wells
158 Where is the maximum irrigation through wells and tubewells? Jaipur
159 Where is the maximum irrigation by ponds Bhilwara
160 Thar's sweet water tank Chandan Village (Jaisalmer)
161 Planner of Indira Gandhi Canal Engg. Kanwar Sen (Bikaner)
162 Drip Drip Irrigation Project with the help of which country? israel
163 Tiger Den Hotel Sariska Tiger Project (Alwar)
164 Rajasthan's only fossil park Akal Kashtha Fossil Park (Jaisalmer)
165 In which sanctuary four temples Sariska (Alwar)
166 included in the world natural heritage list Dense Bird Sanctuary, 1985
167 house of wool Bikaner
168 highest yielding sheep Jaisalmeri Sheep
169 longest wool sheep Jodhpuri Sheep
170 best wool sheep Chokla Sheep (Indian Marino)
171 Rank of Rajasthan in Livestock Second, First – Uttar Pradesh
172 Kamdhenu (cow) of Rajasthan rathi cow
173 state animal Chinkara (declared in 1992)
174 state bird Godavan (announced in 1981)
175 poor man's cow goat
176 Father of Panchayati Raj Balwant Rai Mehta
177 Major features of Panchayati Raj in Rajasthan regular election
178 District Level Cooperative Bank Name central co-operative bank
179 First Flying College Jodhpur, established by Maharaja Ummed Singh in 1929
180 smokeless industry The tourism industry is called.
181 Golden Triangle National Park Keoladeo (Bharatpur)
182 On the recommendation of which committee, tourism was given the status of an industry? Mohammad Yunus Committee, 1989
183 Nuclear city of Rajasthan Rawatbhata (Chittorgarh)
184 Amrit Sarovar of Marwar Jawai Dam (Pali)
185 Average height of Aravalli 930 m.
186 Four highest peaks of Aravalli Guru Shikhar (Mount Abu, Sirohi) 1722 m.


Ser (Sirohi) 1597 m.

Jagra (Udaipur) 1431 m.

Achalgarh (Sirohi) 1380 m.

187 Highest peak of Northern Aravalli Raghunathgarh (Sikar) 1055 m.
188 Highest peak of Central Aravalli Taragarh (Ajmer) 873 m.
189 meja dam On the Kothari River in Bhilwara
190 Chapi Irrigation Project Jhalawar
191 Sawan Bhado Irrigation Project quota
192 Origin of Luni River Nag Pahar (Ajmer)
193 Vagad's Ganga lover
194 riverless district Bikaner and Churu
195 Which river crosses the Tropic of Cancer twice?  Mahi River
196 Where does the Sun's rays fall directly on the Tropic of Cancer on June 21 Kushalgarh (Banswara)
197 Indraprastha Industrial Area quota
198 largest producer of cement Chittorgarh
199 first cement factory 1914-15 E. Lakheri (Bundi), by Click Nixon Company
200 North India's largest cement factory in terms of quality Shree Cement (Beawar, Ajmer)


201 Rajasthan's largest cement factory in terms of production capacity Nimbahera (Chittorgarh) J.K. cement
202 Largest tire tube manufacturing factory Kankroli (Rajsamand)
203 Largest factory of ball bearing Jaipur, National Ball Bearing Company
204 Central Wool Development Board Jodhpur
205 Manchester/Vastranagari of Rajasthan Bhilwara
206 sarees of masooriya cords Kaithoon (Kota)
207 First Computer Aided Design in Powerloom Industry Bhilwara
208 First computer aided carpet design set in the rug industry Jaipur
209 District famous for cooler industry Bikaner
210 Hindustan Machine Tools (HMT) In Ajmer, with the help of Czechoslovakia in 1967
211 most polluted districts Kota, Baran
212 Leather Complex Manpura Manchedi (Jaipur)
213 Leading district in spice industry Baran, Kota
214 30 thousand ton capacity copper smelting plant  Khetri (Jhunjhunu)
215 places famous for tungsten Degana (Nagaur), Walda area (Sirohi)
216 salt marshes Dausa
217 Which crop is called Baniyas Cotton / Commercial Crop / White Gold
218 National Mustard Research Center Saver (Bharatpur)
219 Hohoba Farm Dhand (Jaipur), Fatehpur (Sikar)
220 Districts related to Tussar Development Program Arjun trees were planted in Kota, Udaipur, Banswara, 1986 AD. This program is also operated in Dungarpur, Udaipur.
221 Grain Store of Rajasthan Shri Ganga Nagar
222 state game basketball
223 Nearest port of Rajasthan Kandla (Gujarat)
224 mission anti poaching For investigation of missing tigers in Ranthambore Tiger Project
225 siberian stork In Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary (Bharatpur)
226 First district in the production of mica bricks Bhilwara
227 Andaman of Rajasthan Jaisalmer
228 Nagpur of Rajasthan Jhalawar
229 Famous place for Terracotta idols Molela village (Rajsamand) Mohanlal its famous artist
230 Project Jaldhara In collaboration with Lakshmi Niwas Mittal in Rajgarh Tehsil of Churu District
231 recent yellow granite Meet Nasauli village (Jalore).
232 First in cumin and isabgol production Jalore
233 first in tomato production Jaipur
234 Famous sanctuary for Batbad bird (sand pheasant) Gajner Sanctuary (Bikaner), also known as Imperial Sand Grooves
235 first veterinary college of the state Bikaner
236 Local name of Khejdi Janti
237 maximum irrigated area Shri Ganga Nagar
238 highest gross cultivated area in barmer
239 minimum irrigated area Rajsamand
240 28th, 29th and 30th Districts All the three districts were formed on 10 April 1991. ranked alphabetically


28th District – Baran (from Kota)

29th District – Dausa (from Jaipur)

30th District – Rajsamand (from Udaipur)

241 Districts included in Bharatpur division On 4 June 2005, Bharatpur, Dhaulpur, Sawai Madhopur, Karauli
242 First district in fennel production Tonk
243 First district in potato production quota
244 First district in copper / garnet production Tonk
245 State's first solar power plant Gaurir (Jhunjhunu) with 100 kw capacity
246 BITS Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani (Jhunjhunu) In 1964 it became the first deemed university in Rajasthan
247 CERI Central Electronic Engineering Research Institute Pilani (Jhunjhunu)
248 Badal Vilas The storey situated to the south of the Jaisalmer Fort seems to be touching the clouds. The construction of this building was done by the Silawaris with their full potential and in 1830 AD, the then Rawal of Jaisalmer, Mr. Barisal Singh was gifted.
249 where is varun village where goats are famous Nagaur
250 First EPIP Sitapur (Jaipur) EPIP – Export Promotion Industrial Park
251 Second EPIP Boranada (Jodhpur)
252 3rd EPIP Neemrana (Alwar)
253 total area of ​​Thar desert 2 lakh 13 thousand square km. (1 lakh 75 thousand square km in Rajasthan.)
254 Malkhet hills Sikar
255 Poisonous snake mainly found in West Rajasthan drinking
256 city ​​of mountains Dungarpur
257 In terms of climate, Rajasthan is in which zone? subtropics
258 Those districts of Pakistan which are on the border of Rajasthan Bahawalpur, Khairpur, Mirpur
259 Most Pirates Minerals Saladipur (Sikar)
260 glass industry Dholpur
261 blue pottery Jaipur
262 black pottery quota
263 papyri pottery Alwar
264 Beedi is made from the leaves of which tree? Tendu tree
265 catechu from the bark of which tree well tree
266 Where are utensils made of bronze? Bhilwara
267 Simco Railway Wagon Factory Bharatpur
268 Urea manufacturing plant based on Nitrogen gas Gadhepan (Kota)
269 Rajasthan's place in announcing road policy First, in 1994
270 District with longest roads Barmer
271 minimum road district Dholpur
272 District with most villages connected by roads Ganganagar
273 District with minimum number of villages connected by roads Sirohi
274 District with most panchayat headquarters connected by roads Udaipur
275 District with minimum panchayat headquarter connected by roads Jaisalmer
276 Highest density of roads Rajsamand
277 minimum density of roads Jaisalmer
278 Country's first 6 lane highway Kishangarh to Jaipur, NH-8
279 State Highway Number 85 (Length 11758 km.)
280 National Highway No. 21
281 Shimla of Rajasthan mount abu
282 District with the most national highways Jaipur (6) (NH-8, 11, 12, 11A, 11AA, 11C)
283 How many railway zones and divisions in Rajasthan Zone – 2, Circle – 5
284 Rajasthan's place in the country from the point of view of railway 12th
285 aircraft building The place to keep the private salon of the royal family in Jaipur
286 Elephant Village Kunda Village (Amer, Jaipur)
287 Rajasthan's first private sector ropeway Sundha mountain (Bhinmal, Jalore)
288 Full name of TAF Tourist Assistant Force
289 most vertical irrigation  Jaisalmer
290 most thunderstorms in summer Ganganagar
291 Fewer thunderstorms in summer Jhalawar
292 hottest summer Churu
293 coldest winter Churu
294 minimum temperature difference district Dungarpur
295 zone of maximum temperature difference Western Rajasthan (Jaisalmer, Barmer)
296 Region with highest variation in annual rainfall Western Rajasthan (Jaisalmer, Barmer)
297 sand dunes parallel to the wind direction Anudaidharya
298 Sand stupas forming right angles to the direction of the winds transverse
299 mehrangarh fort on which hill Chidiya Tonk Hill
300 Jaisalmer fort on which hill on trikuta hill


301 What are the crooked hills in Sirohi called? bhakhar
302 countries The area between Raga and Jarga hills in Udaipur is called Deshharo because it is always green.
303 mortgaged saucer hill near Udaipur
304 Bhabhilya small wind cyclone
305 Eastern Monsoon winds coming from the Bay of Bengal
306 city ​​in the valley Ajmer
307 fountain and mountain city Udaipur
308 In Udaipur district, ahead of Jaisamand, the plateau is cut in the east. Lasadia Plateau
309 Location of Rajasthan according to latitude and longitude lines Between 23 ° 3' to 30 ° 12' North Latitude and 69 ° 30' to 78 ° 17' East Longitude
310 Sela Basmati Rice Boondi
311 Kanaksagar Bird Hunting Area Boondi
312 Where is mango papad famous? Banswara
313 Two districts in the extreme humid climate region Jhalawar, Banswara
314 First in chickpea production Sirohi
315 First in manganese production Banswara
316 first in malta production Ganganagar
317 first in banana production Banswara
318 District famous for sporting goods Hanumangarh
319 most measuring instruments quota
320 Mewat Pradesh Alwar
321 Gebsagar Lake Dungarpur
322 Guru Dronacharya's residence Dronpur, Chhapar (Churu)
323 Mansi-Vakal river in which sanctuary Phulwari Ki Naal, Udaipur
324 Zoo for artificial breeding of Godavan Jodhpur Zoo
325 oldest zoo Jaipur Zoo (1876 AD) by Sawai Ram Singh
326 newest zoo Kota Zoo (1954 AD)
327 cumin market Jodhpur
328 onion market Alwar
329 Amla Mandi Chaumu (Jaipur)
330 flower market Pushkar (Ajmer)
331 vegetable market Sanganer (Jaipur)
332 Mehndi Mandi Sojat (Pali)
333 garlic market Chhipa Barod (Baran)
334 Isabgol Mandi Bhinmal (Jalore)
335 First sacrifice for trees in Rajasthan Sacrifice of Karama and Gaura in 1604 AD in Ramasani village (Jodhpur)
336 Where is the village 'Bassi' famous for wood art? Chittorgarh
337 famous wild fowl sanctuary Mount Abu Sanctuary (Sirohi)
338 latest livestock census 19th Livestock Census (2012)
339 Asia's largest bird breeding ground Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary (Bharatpur)
340 Which sanctuary is full of rocks like granite, quartzite and sand stone? Bhainsrodgarh (Chittorgarh)
341 Sanctuary famous for conservation of dolphins and alligators Chambal Sanctuary (Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh)
342 Godavan's refuge National Desert Park (Jaisalmer-Barmer)
343 From which reserve the origin of Orai and Brahmani rivers Bassi Sanctuary (Chittorgarh)
344 National Desert Botanical Garden Machiya Safari Park (Jodhpuri)
345 The plant which is found only in the Abu Sanctuary in the world. Decalpitera abu ensis
346 Chausingha, the rarest creature of the antelope species Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary (Pratapgarh)
347 yellow book Forest settlement report made by Tej Singh, the last king of Alwar in 1947 AD
348 The most biodiverse sanctuary The Mukundra Hills (Darra Sanctuary), Kota
349 Kankanbari Fort  Sariska (Alwar)
350 snowbirds Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary (Bharatpur)
351 tiger men of india Dr. Kailash Sankhla
352 In which list has the subject of wildlife been placed by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment? Concurrent (Jaipur)
353 First Biological Park Nahargarh (Jaipur)
354 first organic fertilizer factory Bharatpur
355 India Eco Development Project A scheme launched in collaboration with the World Bank for the protection of wildlife in Ranthambore National Park
356 Animal Fairs of Jhalawar Gomti Sagar Cattle Fair (Vaishakh Purnima), Chandrabhaga Cattle Fair (Kartik Purnima) both these fairs are held at the same place on a vast ground near Chandrabhaga Temple.
357 Cattle Fair of Nagaur Veer Tejaji Cattle Fair (Parbatsar, Nagaur) Baldev Cattle Fair (Merta City Nagaur), Ramdev Cattle Fair (Nagaur)
358 Largest animal fair in terms of income Veer Tejaji Cattle Fair (Parbatsar, Nagaur)
359 Cattle Fair in Bharatpur Jaswant Cattle Fair
360 cattle fair in alwar Behror Cattle Fair
361 cattle fair in barmer Mallinath Animal Fair (Tilwara, Barmer)
362 Mahi Fragrant Rice Banswara
363 Triveni Sangam   Confluence of Chambal, Banas and Seep rivers
364 Districts situated on the inter-state border 23 districts
365 First use of the word Rajputana In 1800, George Thomson
366 First use of the word Rajasthan In 1829 AD, Colonel James Tod did it in his history book 'Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan'.
367 When was the word Rajasthan adopted? 26 January 1950
368 District with highest total literacy Kota
369 District with highest male literacy Jhunjhunu
370 District with highest female literacy Kota
371 Total neighboring districts of Jaipur 6, Tonk, Ajmer, Nagaur, Sikar, Alwar and Dausa
372 Chand Bawdi Dausa
373 Rameshwar Ghat Sawai madhopur
374 Triveni Sangam of Bigod (Bhilwara) Confluence of Banas, Bedach and Menal rivers
375 Confluence of which rivers in Beneshwar (Dungarpur) Mon, Mahi, Zakham
376 Triveni Sangam at Rajmahal (Tonk) Banas, Dye and Khari
377 Basdi-Boroda area Dausa gold and silver deposits found
378 Rajasthan's first private nursing college Pilani (Jhunjhunu)
379 Ancient name of Ghaggar river and name in Pakistan Ancient names – Drishadvati/Saraswati river and Hakra in Pakistan
380 Nagauri Jewel to handcuff
381 wooden night shelter skirting
382 Bird Rider Rock Painting met Garada (Bundi)
383 The smallest district at the time of formation of Rajasthan Dungarpur
384 Launch of Rukh Bhayla program Rajiv Gandhi in Dungarpur in 1986
385 Khadar The rugged land with deep ravines in the Chambal basin
386 In which part of the Aravalli range is the maximum gap present? in middle aravalli
387 district famous for iron tools Nagaur
388 city ​​of hundred islands Banswara
389 city ​​of stepwells Boondi
390 The plum capital of India Jodhpur
391 Vellore of Rajasthan Bhainsrodgarh (Chittorgarh)
392 'March of the Desert' eastward advance of the desert
393 most wollastonite minerals Sirohi
394 mother of copper age civilizations Ganeshwar (Sikar)
395 Pilgrim's maternal uncle Pushkar
396 nephew of pilgrims Machkund (Dhaulpur)
397 Small desert The sandy region extending from the great desert north of Bikaner to the rocky region east of the Gulf of Kutch.
398 Through which pass the Beawar-Falna-Kandla National Highway no. 14 passes from Bar Pass (Pali)
399 first ecofriendly zone Mount Abu (Sirohi)
400 inland watershed Shekhawati Region


401 run/tots area Temporary lakes and marshlands made of rain water in western Rajasthan
402 aravalli what type of range fold mountain range
403 The district of Rajasthan whose sex ratio is equal to the sex ratio of Rajasthan Baran (926)
404 Punjab of Rajasthan Sanchore (Punjab)
405 maximum extent of aravalli in Udaipur
406 minimum extent of aravalli in Ajmer
407 Prajapita Brahmakumaris Divine University Mount Abu (Sirohi)
408 placenta Passes and hilly routes located in the intermediate Aravalli range are called.
409 Drain The bank of Ghaggar river is called
410 Total length of Mahi river 576 kms.
411 Haridwar of Mewar matriarchs
412 white city Udaipur
413 Where does the river Parvati enter Rajasthan? Kariyahat (Baran)
414 First Agricultural Science Center of Rajasthan Fatehpur (Sikar)
415 Through which river does the water flowing from the south-west part of Udaipur fall into the Arabian Sea? Sabarmati
416 masoordi river Originating from Kothari village (Jaisalmer), it is also known as Kakni/Kakney river.
417 Where does Luni river pour its water? Rann of Kutch (Gujarat)
418 Where does the Mahi river pour its water Gulf of Khambhat (Gujarat)
419 Origin of Kothari River Divar (Rajsamand)
420 City situated at an altitude of 1300 meters Mount Abu (Sirohi)
421 Jhalawar is situated on the banks of which river? Kali Sindh
422 Rajiv Gandhi Siddha Main Project Hanumangarh (Nohar, Bhadra) and Churu (Rajgarh, Taragarh) are benefiting from this.
423 Ganges of Kanthal Mahi River
424 Origin of Mahi River From Mehd lake in Vindhyachal hills near Sardarpura in Dhar (M.P.).
425 Gagaron on which rivers At the confluence of Kali Sindh and Ahu rivers (in Jhalawar)
426 Where did you get 2744 silver punchmark coins? Murara (Sikar)
427 forest hope Banas
428 The flow area of ​​which river is called Tarovati? Kantli River (Sikar)
429 River forming water boundary between Dungarpur and Banswara lover
430 vernacular name of intake Lilon
431 Scientific name of Godavan cryotis nigriceps
432 Mundiyawas (copper) Alwar
433 Appalachian hill of America is compared with which hill of Rajasthan Aravali
434 Which river gets its name as Badach after Udayasagar lake? income
435 Origin of Ghaggar River Shivalik Hills (Himachal Pradesh)
436 Mahi Bajaj Sagar Dam Borkhera Village (Banswara)
437 highest altitude lake Nakki Lake (Mount Abu)
438 State length of National Highways 5722 kms.
439 Asind (Bhilwara) on the bank of which river? Khari
440 Total length of Luni river 330 kms.
441 Gambhiri, Gujari and Wagan are the tributaries of Badach
442 first municipality 1864 AD Mount Abu
443 Nagauri Highlands Fresh water lakes like Sambhar, Didwana, Nawan, Kuchaman etc.
444 Highest peak in the hill of Bharatpur region Alipore Hill
445 Chittorgarh on the bank of which river Badach River (but the main river flowing in Chittorgarh is Gambhiri River)
446 Origin of Chambal River Janapav Hill (M.P.)
447 The fort of Manohar Thana is at the confluence of which rivers? At the confluence of Parwan and Kali Khad rivers (Jhalawar)
448 where is toad rock, non rock Mount Abu (Sirohi)
449 To the east of the plateau of Bhorath, the mountain ridge of the southern tip acts as a water divide between between the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal
450 piedmont plain Separate uninhabited hills located near Deogarh (Rajsamand) in the Aravalli range, whose high terrain is loose.
451 Reason for Chambal river flowing from south to north in its flow area Due to the slope of Mukundwara hill in Kota and Jhalawar from south to north
452 Other names for South-Eastern Plateau Region Hadoti Plateau/Lava Plateau
453 Origin of West Banas New Sanwara Village (Sirohi)
454 The only river of Rajasthan which forms the inter-state boundary? Chambal River (between Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh)
455 Origin of Kural River Uparmal Plateau (Bhilwara)
456 river for water safari Chambal
457 Where does Mentha, Rupangarh Khari Khandel pour its water? Sambhar Lake
458 What percentage area of ​​total river flow of Rajasthan is under internal water flow? 60.5% approx
459 Which river has maximum surface water available? Chambal River
460 to maintain the fertility of the soil Use of cow dung and green manure / organic manure
461 Rajad Project Chambal area to solve the bean problem
462 Sambhar Lake Length 32 kms. About
463 percentage of forests in the total area of ​​the state 9.57% approx
464 In 1935, which princely state made the first Forest Act? Alwar
465 Fertilizer suitable for saline/alkaline soils ammonium sulfate
466 most reserved forest Udaipur
467 most protected forest Baran (most unclassified forest Sriganganagar)
468 Which nutrients do plants get from Phospho-gypsum? sulfur and calcium
469 Silisedh Lake Alwar, made by Vinay Singh
470 soil in which no plants grow barren soil
471 soil of luni basin brown loam soil
472 submergence problem bean problem
473 Excess of which in water makes the soil alkaline? sodium carbonate
474 Foy Sagar Made in Ajmer, by Engineer Foy
475 Gagroni parrots Pass Sanctuary (Kota), and in Jhalawar district
476 Soil found in Chambal and Mahi basin black clay loam soil
477 Location of Sambhar Lake according to latitude and longitude lines Between 27 °  to 29 °  north latitude and 74 °  to 75 °  east longitude
478 Percentage of country's total waste land in Rajasthan 20 %
479 Chana Mandi Hanumangarh
480 Multani Mitti Bikaner and Barmer
481 Navlakhan Lake Boondi
482 Sujan Ganga Lake Bharatpur, built by Surajmal Jat
483 flora of semi-arid region steppe
484 vegetation of the super-humid region monsoon savanna
485 Observatory of Indian Meteorological Department Jaipur
486 Which monsoons give maximum rainfall in western Rajasthan? Indian Ocean
487 What is the difference in temperature from south to north due to the latitudinal expansion of Rajasthan? 10° C
488 Most important features of the climate of Rajasthan high temperature
489 In which direction is the Aravalli range extending? south west to north east
490 alkaline soil pH more than 7
491 Unwanted plants growing along with the main crops in the fields weed
492 Mainly grown crop in yellow soil areas Groundnut
493 frost up In winter, the temperature drops below the freezing point, causing damage to crops.
494 Primary land reclamation to prevent soil erosion medbandi
495 grass used in making sherbet and perfume Poppy grass
496 botanical name of sevan LUCIURUS CDICUS
497 scientific name of chinkara gazelle gazelle
498 first in gum production Chauhtan (Barmer)
499 tanning shrub gooseberry
500 'Every Child - A Tree' This school program was carried out in the 5th five year plan.
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