Status of Madhya Pradesh in India | MP General Knowledge

Status of Madhya Pradesh in India | MP General Knowledge
Posted on 20-04-2022

Status of Madhya Pradesh in India

India is located in the northern hemisphere from the latitudinal point of view and the eastern hemisphere from the longitudinal point of view. Therefore, the situation of Madhya Pradesh is also similar.


MP specific facts

  • The area of ​​Madhya Pradesh is 308252 sq km , which is 9.38 percent of the total area of ​​India .
  • Madhya Pradesh is a completely landlocked state.
  • The slope of Madhya Pradesh is north facing.
  • There is a difference of about 34 minutes between East and West of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Tropic of Cancer MP passes through 14 districts of
  • India's meridian 82.5 passes through Singrauli district alone.

Major focal points of Madhya Pradesh Center points of Madhya Pradesh

  • The focal point of the earth is Mangalnath (Ujjain).
  • The focal point of Akhand Bharat is Barsali (Betul).
  • Karondi (Katni), the focal point of undivided India.
  •   Vidisha is the focal point of present-day India .
  • Sagar is the focal point of Madhya Pradesh.

Status of Madhya Pradesh in India

  • Madhya Pradesh is the second largest state of India in terms of area.
  • Madhya Pradesh is the 5th state of India (since 2014 in terms of population .
  • MP The state sharing the maximum border with Uttar Pradesh is Uttar Pradesh.
  • MP The state sharing the minimum border with
  • The nearest port of Madhya Pradesh is Mumbai.
  • Madhya Pradesh shares border with 5 states . 
  • The state animal of Madhya Pradesh is reindeer.
  • Orchha is in the Niwari district of the state.
  • There is a time interval of about 34 minutes in the east-west part of Madhya Pradesh .
  • The length of Madhya Pradesh from north to south is 605 km.
  • The length of Madhya Pradesh from east to west is 870 km.
  • Morena is the northernmost district of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Burhanpur is the southernmost district of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Singrauli is the easternmost district of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Alirajpur is the westernmost district of Madhya Pradesh.
  • The remotest district from Bhopal is Singrauli.
  • The five districts adjacent to Bhopal are Guna Vidisha Raisen Sehore Rajgarh.
  • The district with maximum inter-state border is Neemuch.
  • MP 18 districts of K are intertwined.

Comparative study of Madhya Pradesh and India



geographical situation


India - South Asian country of the world (Northern Hemisphere East Longitude)

MP - Central Territory of India



India- 7th largest country of the world 3287263 sq km 2.42 percent of the world area.

India's second largest state area 308252 sq. km. 9.38 percent of India's area



India - the second largest in the world ( 16.7 percent of the world's population )

MP - 5th largest in India 5.99 percent of India's population

north latitude


India- 84°-37°6

MP- 21°.6-25°30

east longitude


India 68°7-97°25

MP 74°59- 82°48

Tropic of Cancer


India- 23 1/2 latitude from about the middle of India

MP- 23 1/2 MP from about the middle of

geographical division


India - Four physical regions

Himachal Pradesh

2. The Great Plain of the North

3. Desert region

4. South Peninsula

MP - Three physical regions

1. Madhya Pradesh

2. Satpura Maikal Range

3. Baghelkhand Plateau

highest peak


India-K- Pak Occupied Kashmir 8611 m

MP- Dhupgarh 1350 Mahadeshva Range-Satpura Mountains

low point


India - Narmada Fault Valley Region

MP-Narmada Fault Valley Region (Both)

oldest ranges


India- Aravalli

MP- Vindhyachal

latest ranges


India- Himalayas


Nearest Island Countries


India - Sri Lanka

MP- Sri Lanka

bordering country/state


India - Countries

Bangladesh maximum border

MP - states

maximum extent Uttar Pradesh

Sunrise and sunset first


India- Arunachal (Kibidhu)

MP - Singrauli

after sunrise and sunset


India- Rajasthan (Jaisalmer)

MP - Alirajpur


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