Story of Shanta Devi, sister of Lord Rama

Story of Shanta Devi, sister of Lord Rama
Posted on 13-05-2022

Story of Shanta Devi, sister of Lord Rama | Story of Lord Ram's sister Shanta

Everyone is known about Shri Ram's brother, his parents, wife, and sons, but Lord Ram also had a sister about whom very few people know. The name of Shri Ram's sister was Shanta. There is very little mention in history about Shanta. There is very little mention in history about Shanta. However, many stories are prevalent about him.


First Story:

King Dasharatha of Ayodhya had three queens, of whom Kaushalya's son was Shri Ram. But according to ancient stories, before the birth of Shri Ram, King Dasharatha and Kaushalya also had a daughter named Shanta. Shanta was a very promising and intelligent girl. Once Kaushalya's sister Rani Varshini and her husband Rompad came to Ayodhya. Seeing Shanta in Ayodhya, suddenly it came out of Varshini's mouth that if she has any child there, then she should be like Shanta otherwise it should not happen. Hearing this talk of Varshini, King Dasharatha gave Shanta to her. After which Shanta became the princess of Angadesh.

Once a Brahmin reached Angadesh and asked for alms from Rompad. But King Romapada was so busy in conversation with Princess Shanta that he ignored the Brahmin. That Brahmin had to leave the door of King Rompad empty-handed. The deity Indra was so annoyed by this that he did not allow it to rain in Angadesh that year. There was a drought in Angadesh. To deal with this problem, King Rompad reached out to Rishi Shringa and at his behest, a yajna was organized. After which Angadesh became green again. King Romapada was so pleased with Rishi Shringa that he got his daughter Shanta married to him. After this Shanta started living in his ashram with Rishi Shringa.


Second story:

It is about the time when King Dasharatha and Kaushalya were not even married. It is said that Ravana had already come to know that the child of King Dasharatha and Kaushalya of Ayodhya would be the cause of his death. So Ravana planned to kill Kaushalya in advance. He locked Kaushalya in a box and threw it in the river. From there, King Dasharatha was going hunting. He saved Kaushalya and at that time Narad ji got her married to Gandharva.

After their marriage, a girl child was born to them whose name was Shanta. But she was handicapped. King Dasharatha got him treated many times but to no avail. When many sages were consulted, they came to know that Kaushalya and King Dasharatha have one gotra, which is why they are facing these problems. He was also advised that if the parents of this girl are changed then this girl will be fine. This was the reason why King Dasaratha gave Rompad to Shanta and Varshini in adoption.


Third story:

According to many other stories, King Dasharatha abandoned Shanta because she was a daughter and could not carry forward the clan, nor could she handle the kingdom. Somewhere in history, there are also indications of two daughters of King Dasharatha and Kaushalya. Dasharatha did not have any children after Shanta was adopted. For the children, King Dasharatha performed the Putrakameshthi Yagya, after which he was blessed with four sons.

Despite being a son, mother Kaushalya was not able to forget the separation of her daughter from her heart, and because of Shanta, there were differences between King Dasharatha and Kaushalya. When Lord Rama grew up, he came to know about his sister Shanta and introduced his sister and Kaushalya's mother. It is also believed that the Putrakameshthi Yagya performed by King Dasharatha was done by Sage Shringa, the husband of Shanta.


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