Times When Kpop Idols Got Bashed For Their EDUCATIONAL LEVEL

Times When Kpop Idols Got Bashed For Their EDUCATIONAL LEVEL
Posted on 30-01-2022



Because of the scaredly hectic practicing schedule in the pre-debut days, many idols

have chosen to drop out of school to fully pursue their Kpop dream.

While this actually sounds like a normal thing because one way or another, they would end

up making lots of money and even some richest people on Earth also dropped out of school,

things suddenly became a perfect reason for Knets to criticize BLACKPINK.

According to these people, it totally made no sense to say that the practicing schedules

took up all the time of BLACKPINK members because there were many idols who still managed

to go to school and debuted as successful celebrities.

They also claim BLACKPINK will be a bad model for the young since besides hating on the

girls for the academic levels, they even went further to point out that Jennie stopped going

to school at the age of 14, Jisoo dropped out at the second year of highschool and similarly,

Rosé as well as Lisa’s records only stopped at secondary level.

However, there were also many defending opinions, saying that these people were probably so

jealous of BLACKPINK that they had to suddenly make a fuss over something in the past and

most especially, something that had long been a norm among idols.

Moreover, since all the girls never once showed the lack of common knowledge and even managed

to play multiple musical instruments as well as fluently speaking different languages,

it made completely no sense to judge them over some graduation certificates.


ENHYPEN’s Jungwon and Sunghoon

On a Vlive just several days ago where Jungwon asked his member: “Is the United States

located in Europe?”

but was also quick to correct himself by saying of course it was not, some immediately captured

the moment and made a fuss about it.

While that could be a brief moment of Jungwon being absent-minded, which actually happened

quite often when you’re not focusing but then quickly came back to reality just like

how Jungwon corrected himself, he still faced a huge backlash for being…


According to some, as the United States located in North America was one of the most common

knowledge about geography that everyone knew, it’s such a shame that Jungwon made that

mistake on a live broadcast.

A netizen even posted a poll on Pann Nate, asked others to upvote if they believed this

was a thing that couldn't ever be mistaken and downvote if they had the opposite opinion.

And can you guess the result?

Well, most people would go for the upvote, and there were only 68 downvotes, which basically

meant 763 people believed Jungwon deserved the criticism.

To be clear as to why they were so upset, some made their point through a comparison,

saying that Jungwon’s question was just as dumb as asking “Was Hangul (the Korean

alphabet) created by General Lee Soo Shin?”, while the system was created by King Sejeong.

Some even mocked Jungwon by wondering if he knew South Korea was located in Asia and said

ever since she was born, never once did she see a person say the States was a European


However, there were also opinions defending Jungwon, saying that people were being ridiculously

harsh on a kid born in 2004.

As he was probably just having some absent-minded moments and quickly realized the mistake after

not even one second, calling him uneducated was completely nonsense.

Plus, as things already happened six months ago, it’s kinda weird when people suddenly

dig it up and throw shade at something that should have been taken super light-heatedly.

What's even more confusing is that, though this incident was all about Jungwon, a netizen

somehow made her way to drag Sunghoon into this mess by referring to his past mistake

on Weekly Idol, questioning whether he misspelled the simple word “단백질” (dan baek

chil), which was “protein” in English, into “담백질” (dam baek chil).

While that was literally a stroke Sunghoon mistakenly added, many people still used this

as a reason to make fun of his academic level for a long long time.

Surprisingly, that wasn’t the only time netizens were hilariously strict to Sunghoon

because on the latest appearance of the group on Arcade Pang, he once again made headlines

for failing to get the answer for 4 times 7.

A netizen even made a GIF out of a moment Sunghoon hesitated to answer that question

and posted it on a forum with the title “What do you think about ENHYPEN’s multiplication


While some netizens argued that it was inexcusable for Sunghoon to not know such a basic thing,

fortunately most people were on his side this time.

According to them, the OP was probably his anti-fan because the story was taken out of

context after she intentionally omitted the detail he had spinned 10 rounds before answering

the question.

Plus, since even an ordinary person would also get confused when being asked such a

calculation all of a sudden, it made absolutely no sense to call Sunghoon stupid just through

a distorted moment.


aespa’s Winter

On the group’s appearance on 1theK in May, Winter revealed that she and Karina had taken

the GED test and as found out by netizens, this qualification was equal to the highschool

diploma in the States and only those who aren't enrolled in highschool would take it.

While Winter’s education level initially didn’t garner much attention, it suddenly

became a reason to criticize her after netizens knew about the way she raised hamsters and

played with a cat.

On August 31, Winter revealed on Bubble that she used to raise a lot of hamsters but it

was pretty much an accident because initially, she only planned on having two.

However, as she kept them in one place, the hamster couple ended up giving birth to 23


Because of the overwhelming number, she only kept the weakest one.

While that was actually a hilarious and pretty cute story, some decided to bring it to theqoo

and criticized Winter for lacking the most common knowledge of raising hamsters.

According to them, her actions were nothing more than “animal abusing” and because

hamsters were always supposed to be raised separately, the fact that she kept two of

them in one place, indirectly prompting them to excessively give birth did lots of harm

to the hamsters.

Moreover, since this type of animal prefers living in solitude and has an extremely high

sense of territoriality, some said the hamsters must have been mentally tortured by Winter.

They also implied there must have been a beef between these animals because usually, if

one hamster lived with another, they would constantly bite and fight with each other

for being stressed out.

Besides the criticism aimed at her lacking basic knowledge in raising hamsters, others

also took this opportunity to bring back the story where Winter was hated for allegedly

playing with a cat violently and scaring him away by copying his language.

In the comment section, lots of people were implying Winter was a cruel person by saying

one’s personalities were shown clearest through the way they treated the weakest creatures.

Also in August, Winter was dragged into another “scandal” for lacking common sense and

recommending an alleged toxic Youtube channel to her fans—those who were mostly around

their teens.

As netizens pointed out, this Youtuber was JW - who was previously lambasted for lying

to his viewers, saying his girlfriend was his younger sister and posting videos with

toxic titles like “I made a fake Instagram account and approached her to test her tendency

to cheat on her boyfriend”, “This viewer said that they broke up because of me...what

the?" and “The worst photo sent by a girlfriend saying she is drinking at home."

However, there were also many people who found it normal for Winter to recommend this channel

because most of the content was actually the Youtuber sharing others’ stories.

They also believed people were making a storm in a teacup, trying to distort the truth to

hate on her, and being over sensitive over nothing.



Famous as the symbol of classic beauty of South Korea as Suzy is, she is quite often

criticized for the lack of common knowledge ever since the very early days of her career.

Things all started after Suzy happily recalled how she used to sleep in class quite often

on Go Show and soon after that, netizens kept noticing how she was often clueless of some

most basic knowledge.

There was even a thread titled “Suzy, the blank paper beauty?” and besides calling

Suzy “the eptimote of dumb”, pointing out various moments of her lacking common


For example, she once misspelled the word “egg” into “agg” in a tweet in 2012

and when being asked who was the current UN Secretary-General in 2011, she also failed

to answer that it was Ban Ki Moon.

The OP also pointed out she made many wrong answers in basic Korean history questions

and on her appearance on Running Man, Suzy was also the only person to mistake the famous

saying Know Thyself was by Shakespeare while in fact, it was by the ancient Greek.

As Haha couldn’t hide his disbelief, he even asked her how she didn’t know such

a basic thing and asked JYP to make her study properly.

Then in 2013, Suzy continued to receive a huge backlash for the sputtering speech and

embarrassing herself when thanking her puppy in speech for winning the title Best Female


In 2015, she made headlines again for being unable to explain the movie content where

she was the main character and in 2018, she faced another backlash for failing to answer

basic questions from journalists.

In the comment section, people kept coming at her for the questionable education level,

saying that had it not been for her beauty, Suzy’s career would have ended in a blink

of an eye.

However, there were also opinions defending Suzy, saying that people should have known

her schedule was packed with practicing, performing and acting, which apparently left her no time

to do anything else.

Moreover, as each person was born with different talents, it’s too harsh to call her dumb

instead of looking broader into what she’d achieved.

So, do you think netizens were nitpicking on things that didn’t even matter or these

idols actually had real problems with their education level?

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