Top Secrets Of Bengal | Top 10 Interesting Facts about West Bengal

Top Secrets Of Bengal | Top 10 Interesting Facts about West Bengal
Posted on 29-01-2022

India is the only country in the world where the food language and culture changes at 100 km,

West Bengal is an important state of the same country, which is full of lots of history

and interesting facts. So we will try to know about

10 such interesting facts of Bengal that you will hardly know before, such as some bitter

truths about it and some new facts

number 1 Why Bengal is called West Bengal,

many people believe that Bengal is in the West, hence its name is West Bengal, but it

is not so that the first name of West Bengal was only Bengal, but when India got independence

in 1947 , So was the partition of Bengal with a religious basis. , With the western part

coming to India, while the eastern part joined Pakistan as a province in East Bengal, but

independent Bangladesh was born in 1971 and then in eastern Bangladesh and Bengal have

since been from West Bengal Was Known. For your information, let me tell you that Nobel

laureate Rabindra Nath Tagoreji is only a writer who has written the national anthem

of two countries, India and Bangladesh,for which one is made like

Number two

Bengal is the 13th largest state by area of India, which is the fourth most

populous state in India, which shares its borders with five states including 3 countries

Bangladesh Nepal and Bhutan where the ratio of 950 females to thousand males And the girls

here are called the most attracted girls state in the world

which have 23 districts in Bengal and the largest city is Kolkata.

Number three.

is Bengal a poor state, although

we can understand the poverty of West Bengal that if there are 4 lakh beggars in the country,

then one lakh beggars are present in West Bengal, and this is not what we are telling

the Union Ministry of Social Justice Apart from this, there are more than 20,000 Bengalis

who are spending their lives driving hand rickshaws and around 75% of those who are

below the poverty line who have no jobs, Kolkata was the first Indian state where IT hub was

talked about , Jyoti Basu was the Chief Minister of that time, what did he say, if brother

country comes to computer, then everyone's job will go away and in 1980 he rejected this

proposal and Bengaluru caught it and today see its impact ,100 in Bangalore if job comes

then 30 of them are Bengalis, if Jyoti Basu had not rejected the proposal at that time,

then Bengal would not have been in this situation today.

Number 4

West Bengal joined India as a state in 1947 where the largest banyan tree in the

world still exists which is said to be before eighteen hundred and it is about 330 meters

tall as well as India's largest The library exists in the National Library of India, Kolkata

which was opened in 1891 under the name Imperial Library and

it still has around 2.2 million book 86000 maps and 3200 manuscripts and the

state bank of India in Bengal as Imperial Bank in 1806 Was founded in

Number 5

Land of Renaissance Bengal is the land of complete awakening as far as many social reforms go and many people were born

to the knowledge of the public that they brought about better social and culture changes for

the society in which some famous celebrities are named Subhash. Chandra Bose Swami Vivekananda

Vidya Sagar Ravindra Nath Tagore fellow Bengalis believe that he will only do the work of writing

and singing, for which he has to choose one of the Literature Poetry Dance Music from

the fifth class, so that we can also from many big Bengali artists. Many big artists

like Shreya Ghoshal Arijit Singh Kumar Sanu have met.

Number 6 politics .


where 42 Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha seats


Number 7

No football league in any corner of the world. You will never find any Bengali

who does not know anything about the elements of the team and league. In fact, football

fever in Bengali is really quite ancient, which is India's oldest club Mohun Bagan.

From Sourav Ganguly Pitching Athleto de Kolkata is the proof of this and

Vivekananda Yuva Bharti Stadium is the largest football stadium

in India where the semi-finals of the Federation in 1997 playing federation cup semi final in that audience are present approx 1.31 lakh

this same football love has given the Indian football team a great footballer like Pk Banerjee and Krishnu dey.


Bengal is the first state in terms of rice cultivation that supplies 15% of the rice of the entire country

and Bengal is the largest rice producer in the country, probably because of this the favo rite dish is also fish curry and if you go Bengal

and if you order a vegetarian diet, you will definitely get fish there

because Bengali fish consider the fruits of water, in fact, rice farming

in Bengal has more than three lakh people to raise their homes, Where 5000 varietiesof rice types were found.

But today many variations have ended due to faulty agricultural practices.

No. 9

Highest Railway Station, Ghum railway station in the hilly region of Darjeeling,

West Bengal is the highest railway station in India, situated at an elevation of 2258 meters i.e. 7407 feet which is operated by the Himalayan Railway

and was built in 1879 under British rule.

and was commissioned on 4 April 1881, although before that it took 5 to 6 days to travel

from Kolkata to Darjeeling, although it is a toy train service that extends from Siliguri

to Darjeeling, and today it Darjeeling is the largest tourist center. Because it offers

a slow train ride with the scenic beauty of Kunchunjunga

Number 10

likewise knows a bitter truth about Bengal, where Gujarat comes at the highest

position of the country in Captain Individual Income, which is 215000, the same per capita

income of Bengal is not even half i.e. 115000 annually. , Although it was not always so.

This is the same state where the first bank of the country and banks like SBI were born.

Earlier every foreign companies used to think that if it is to succeed in India, then do

business in Bengal and today you will be surprised to know about that state that the Crime National

Crime Records Bureau also says that if women are sold the most in the country Or if children

are trafficked then Bengal comes at number 1, the main reason is that one fourth of Bengal's

population i.e. 75% people still live in the village

Friends, this video is made not for the evil of any state community, but just for the knowledge,

because Bengal is also an Indian state and all the states will grow, only then we will have our own India

. If you like then share it as much as you can, then see you soon

Jai Hind Jai Bharat