True Story of the World's Youngest Serial Killer

True Story of the World's Youngest Serial Killer
Posted on 29-01-2022


A trait that researchers are researching even today. If we see the book definition of it

then it is a trait that makes a person very insensitive, unemotional, and morally depraved.

A psychopath has no feeling towards anything. Not even humans.


Which is why they don't think before doing anything or taking any action.

Even if it is something serious like murder.


A psychopath becomes so out of touch with reality that they don't even realize that what they're doing is a crime.


It's an offense, he's hurting someone.

Just like this, during a medical treatment,

a psychologist showed her patient the picture of a scared person,

just to see how he reacts.


He says that,

"I don't know about this emotion."

"But, when I kill a person, stab them"

"then before dying, they look like this."


And just like this, there's a similar crazy story of Amarjeet Sada. But the most surprising element of this story is that, the murderer in this story is an 8-year-old child who has done not 1, not 2, but 3 murders! And the age of all the victims was less than 6 years.


In the District Begusarai in Bihar, there's a small village named 'Mushahari'. The specialty of this village is that there a lot of children in this village, who play and study together.

The people of this village do manual labor and try to make a living.


Many people drop their children off at school, and then go to pick them up in the evening after finishing their work.


And something similar happens with Chunchun Devi and her daughter Khushboo of 6 months. Chunchun Devi used to drop off her daughter at school every morning

and then pick her up in the evening.


But one day,

when Chunchun Devi went to pick up her daughter, Khushboo couldn't be seen anywhere.

She's a mother, so she would be concerned, right? Now when such a small daughter gets lost somewhere, then you can understand how a mother must be feeling. She becomes worried and becomes crazy She starts asking everyone, 'Have you seen my daughter? Have you seen Khushboo?'

But, no one has seen her.

After some time, a member of the Sada family comes to her and tells her that maybe they know where Khushboo is.


Now, both of them together go to the Police Station and report this disappearance.

Now, because this was the case of a small girl, the police becomes very active.

And during the investigation, they realize that similar incidents have happened before.

Not once, but twice.


Meaning, two girls are already missing from the village. When more interrogation is done,

then they get to know that both these girls were members of the Sada family. Slowly the villagers get to know that not 1, not 2, but 3 girls are missing from the village. And the whole village falls into chaos.


Now, the member of the Sada family who is helping the police, takes them to a playground.

where the police meet the 8-year-old kid Amarjeet Sada for the first time. They ask the kid that has he seen Khushboo?


But the child doesn't say anything, just smiles. Now for some reason, the police think that the child knows something. Maybe he has seen someone who kidnapped Khushboo?


Because of this, the child is taken to the police station. Now, Amarjeet's behavior in the police station is very different. In normal circumstances, any kid will be scared in a police station, right?


But, Amarjeet isn't scared.

In fact, he smiles.

He observes things.


And if any police officer goes to him then he says,

'First, give me a biscuit, then I'll talk.'


Finally, a police officer gives him a pack of biscuits.

Amarjeet becomes happy and says, 'Yes, I know where Khushboo is.' He says that Khushboo is dead now and he knows this because he has killed Khushboo.


Now, after seeing all this it becomes important for the police to know how did Amarjeet do this.


To this, Amarjeet says that he was in school when he saw Khushboo. She was alone. So, Amarjeet took her from there.


After taking her among trees, he tried to strangle her neck. But he says that when he was strangling her neck, he wasn't having fun, he didn't get the satisfaction.


He wanted to see that pain, the fear, the compulsion in Khushboo's eyes, but he didn't see it.

Which is why he leaves her, takes a brick and hits her until she isn't dead.


After listening to this, the police becomes shocked! Amarjeet's case was very complicated.

He was born in 1998 and his family was very poor. His dad was a wage worker, and his mom was a housewife.


Because of not having money, this family thought that they'll move to Mushahari village.

At that time, Amarjeet was 6 years old.


But due to being poor, Amarjeet had been seeing his family being abused since childhood.

And this was impacting his mind very negatively. Amarjeet was a disturbed child.


There was always a violent, murderous streak within him. He used to argue with people, trouble them, fight with them. And its frequency was growing every day.


Not only villagers but even his family knew about Amarjeet's this behavior. In fact, his family has even experienced his violent streak. The two girls who had gone missing from this family,


Amarjeet had murdered both of them.

Out of them, one was Amarjeet's cousin sister who was 6 years old and the other one was Amarjeet's sibling who was 6 months old. But the most painful thing was, Amarjeet killed both of his sisters the same cruel way he murdered Khushboo.


And the most unfortunate thing was Amarjeet's family knew this. Yes, they knew that Amarjeet was behind all this. But due to some reason, they decided that they'll hide this from everyone.


And that was their biggest mistake because in 2008, after killing Khushboo, Amarjeet becomes India's Youngest Serial Killer in History.


After Amarjeet's confession, many psychologists did medical investigations on this, because it was necessary to know why that kid did it. Amarjeet wasn't a criminal, right?


There wasn't any TV or radio in his house through which he could know about crime. And from his house, there was no one from a criminal background.


So, how did Amarjeet do this?

Was this violence streak within him since the start?


A psychologist called Amarjeet a 'sadist' who gets pleasure by killing people and this habit has already been formed in his brain.


Before killing anyone, he doesn't need any influence or trigger. Another psychologist said that Amarjeet has conduct disorder which is a behavioral disorder in which a person doesn't have any social conduct.


Meaning, you leave a normal behaviour you show persistent, repetitive, and aggressiveness

This disorder is seen in many teenagers and young adults. But this time, seeing this disorder in an 8-year-old, was very disturbing.


Now, because Amarjeet was an 8-year-old kid, as per the Indian Law, the Indian Constitution, if any person is below 18, then he can't be put in jail. Until he turned 18, he was in a child care home. And just as he turned 18, he was released.


Today, Amarjeet might be around 24 years. And in 2015, it had been heard that Amarjeet is living a new life with a new name in a new city.


But at this time, what is he doing?

What is he doing? What is he thinking?

Knowing this is next to impossible.


There are many conspiracy theories that come from this case. Although believing them would be wrong, because Amarjeet has confessed himself that he is a murderer.


But, one of the theories states that, the earlier two murders have not been done by Amarjeet,

but by an elder from his family.


By saying this, I am not disregarding the allegations on Amarjeet, I am just stating a conspiracy.


So, even you think.

A child who doesn't know about crime, not the law, the punishments, the police, why will that child murder someone and hide someone's body?


And according to Amarjeet, all these things were normal, he wasn't doing anything wrong.

Then why did he hide the body? And if he wanted to hide the body, then why did he confess?


All these things are very confusing. There's one more theory where it is said that Amarjeet was someone's partner in this murder. And that person escaped. Well, all these are conspiracy theories. No one has proved them to date.


In today's date, Amarjeet is a serial killer who has murdered 3 small children. Children are believed to be innocent and pure. And there's no doubt that kids are the purest souls on Earth.

But many times, children aren't children.


Then whether they are psychological reasons or trauma, or for no reason at all, they go to a path from where bringing them back becomes difficult.


Which is why it is our responsibility as a citizen, as a society, to stay aware. Because what matters the most is our life. And it is always better to be safe than sorry.