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Uttarakhand Folk Dance - GovtVacancy.Net
Posted on 17-08-2022

Famous folk dances of Uttarakhand

Some of the famous folk dances of Uttarakhand are as follows –


Jhumailo dance is very famous in both the Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttarakhand.


In this dance, all the people hold each other's hands and dance in a chain.


It is considered a dance of two lovers. In this, sometimes the man wears the woman's costume and plays the woman.


In this dance, men and women dance by stepping in a circle, standing opposite to each other.


Cholia dance is a famous folk dance of Uttarakhand. All the dance artistes disguise themselves as mythical soldiers and act in battle with swords and shields.


On the occasion of marriage or religious rituals in Mandan, fire is lit in the middle of the village square or field and all the traditional instrument players (Dhol Damo, Ransimha, Bhankor) invoke the deities through songs. The dance is also performed by Pandava dance. is called.


In this, men and women make a circular circle and put their hands on each other's shoulders, move back and forth, dance and sing songs.

Bhagnauli Dance:

Bhagnauli dance is a dance of Kumaon region which is organized in fairs. Hudka and Nagda instruments are prominent in this dance.


The music and dance festival organized in the courtyard of the house is called Thadiya. Thadiya festival is organized in the courtyard of village houses during Basant Panchami.

Harul Dance:

It is followed by the Jaunsari tribes whose subjects are the Pandavas of the Mahabharata. It is mandatory to play Ramtula (instrument) in this dance.


This dance is performed only by the Peshwa of the deity.


This dance is the traditional dance of Chakrata Tehsil of Dehradun region. All women and men wear colorful clothes and perform this dance together.


Chanchari is the dance form of Danpur region in Kumaon. In this also both men and women are involved. This is a dance song of Kumaon.

Ranbhut Dance:

This dance is performed in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, mainly this dance is to give respect to the martyrs like a deity so that the soul of the hero may rest in peace.

Budiyat Folk Dance:

This dance is performed on happy occasions like weddings and celebrations, someone's birthday, etc.

Langvir Dance:

It is an ardent dance of Garhwal in which men climb a straight pole and reach the peak and perform juggling/or balance dance with the support of the stomach.

Pandavat/Pandava Leela:

This dance is dedicated to the Pandavas which is based on the events of Mahabharata.


Apart from these dances, there are many traditional dances and songs of Uttarakhand like

sipaya dance

Ghughti dance

Pauna dance

Sarun dance

Shotiya Dance

Chopati Dance

Bhelo Bhelo dance


Pawada or Bhado dance

Bagwan Dance

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