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Various Challenges in the Right to Information Act - GovtVacancy.Net
Posted on 15-07-2022

Various Challenges in the Right to Information Act

* Maintenance of information has not been modernized as per requirement.


* There is a mutual contradiction between the right to information and the right to privacy (both of which have been linked by the judiciary to fundamental rights).


* International terrorism and emerging insecurity delay the implementation of the Right to Information (e.g. in the UK this law was introduced in 2000, but was implemented in 2005).


* In some countries such laws are more restrictive.


There are also tendencies of unnecessary centralization in information in some places.


* Right to information needs to be implemented in some private sectors also.


* Appropriate changes have not been brought in the work culture and code of conduct of civil services as per the Act of Right to Information.


* Inconsistencies between the Right to Information Act and the Manual of Office Procedure were pointed out in the first report of 2nd-ARC.


* Laws for local governments have deficiencies in relation to the Right to Information and the Citizens' Charter.


* There are deficiencies in putting in place proper mechanisms for grievance redressal in some states.


* Though given the right to access information through electronic means,  the lack of computer literacy has an adverse effect.


* There are deficiencies in the attitudes of citizens to respect the right to privacy of others.


In a federal system, there are union-state differences in the implementation of laws in the states with respect to laws brought at the federal level.


* The grievance redressal system still has shortcomings in proper access at the regional level  (State Information Commissions in large states put up such problems).


* There are still shortcomings in providing training in Right to Information and Public Relations as required.


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