What are Road Conscription Laws decreed during the Oncenio de Leguía?

What are Road Conscription Laws decreed during the Oncenio de Leguía?
Posted on 23-12-2022

The Road Conscription Law decreed during the Oncenio de Leguía, meant

a) work on the properties of the gamonales

b) payment of a tribute in kind or money

c) work on the properties of the political authorities

d) compulsory work in the construction of roads

e) payment of taxes for the use of bridges​


The Road Conscription Law decreed during the Oncenio de Leguía, meant D) compulsory work in road construction.


The Contribution of the Road Conscription Law of the Oncenio de Leguía to the Construction of Roads:


During the Leguía Oncenio (1919-1930), President José Leguía decreed the Highway Conscription Law, which meant the compulsory work of thousands of men for the construction of roads. This law was an innovation in the development of road infrastructure in Peru since it was the first time that a forced labor system was used for road construction. This law made it possible to speed up the road construction process, improving mobility throughout the country.


The Road Conscription Law was applied in several regions of Peru, with the aim of improving connectivity between these areas. This law also made it possible to increase trade between the regions, since existing roads were improved and new roads were built. In addition, the Road Conscription Law allowed many people to access places that were previously inaccessible.


The Highway Conscription Law also contributed to the development of the transportation industry in Peru, as improved roads allowed the movement of goods and people on a larger scale. This in turn contributed to the economic development of the country, since many companies benefited from the improvement of roads.

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