What characteristics did the Ecuadorian prose of the 19th century have?

What characteristics did the Ecuadorian prose of the 19th century have?
Posted on 23-12-2022

What characteristics did the Ecuadorian prose of the 19th century have?

Ecuadorian prose of the 19th century was dominated by a romantic and sentimental style. These writers were influenced by European Romanticism, which was characterized by the idealization of nature and what was perceived as exotic.


Characteristics of Ecuadorian Prose:


This prose was also characterized by the exaltation of the homeland and the idealistic portrait of life in Ecuador. The writers of the 19th century focused on themes related to the past, religion, history, and politics. In addition, they used a poetic language, full of metaphors and symbols, to express their feelings.


Another characteristic element of 19th century Ecuadorian prose was the use of narration to tell stories. These stories were based on local themes, such as rural life, life in the city, political and religious conflicts , and the customs of the time. These stories were intended to represent the life of the lower class and the social conflicts of the time.


1. PROSE IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY: JUAN MONTALVO • DEFINITION OF PROSE. • Prose is the structure that language naturally takes to express concepts. • Said form is not subject to certain measures or cadences, unlike the verse. That is why prosaic language is usually defined by opposition to verse. • A work that presents the same elements as a poem (lyrical speaker, lyrical attitude, theme and object) is known as poetic prose, although without its formal elements (such as rhyme and metrics).

2. PROSE IN LATIN AMERICA • In Latin America there was an important editorial production on social issues, with critical approaches and clear political objectives. • In Ecuador, Juan Montalvo, from Ambat, stood out for his sharp political thoughts. • With the phrase "My pen killed him" he referred to the death of Gabriel García Moreno and his conservative system.

3. JUAN MONTALVO BIOGRAPHY • He lived in the 19th century, during a period of political instability and restrictions on public liberties. He spent his life defending freedom of the press and combating tyrannies and clericalism. • He was born on April 13, 1832 in Ambato. He is one of the greatest thinkers of Ecuador and Latin America. He was an essayist, novelist and philosopher. • his liberal thought was strongly marked by anticlericalism • he fought against dictators of the time: Gabriel García Moreno and Ignacio de Veintemilla. He passed away on January 17, 1889 in Paris, France from tuberculosis.

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