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What is good governance? - GovtVacancy.Net
Posted on 10-07-2022

What is good governance?

After the year 1990, the concept of Good Governance evolved while giving an inclusive nature to governance. Good governance simply means governance in a good manner. Governance that has the quality and in itself imbibes a good value system. Governance systems are running in all countries, but they are not properly identified with people-oriented or democratic lifestyles in their nature. It differs from the government on this point. Good governance is more than governance. This develops more efficiency in the method of governance, thereby increasing its legitimacy and credibility. Its basic elements are political accountability,  availability of freedom, legal binding, availability of information, transparency, efficiency, effectiveness, etc.


The term good governance was seen in the 1990s. It was during this time that the word became increasingly popular. Many organizations around the world making efforts toward development and the United Nations have used this word. Then later the governments of other countries adopted it to improve the quality of governance. In the Indian context, it has been said in Kautilya's Arthashastra that the progress of the king lies in the progress of the subjects. The Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi also conceptualized "Suraj" in the form of good governance. Apart from this, the concept of 'Ramraj' in Indian tradition also indicates or expresses good governance. Good governance is also seen in the opposite context of bad governance. Misgovernance can be understood as where-


* Administrative machinery works and gives results, but the cost is relatively high.

The results which are required are found but at the same time, such results also start getting which are really undesirable.

* Many times, even after trying diligently, the change in the situation is not reflected.

* The scheme does not leave its full effect. If it has many goals, some get results but others prove to be ineffective.

* In misgovernance, there is often an illusion that the number of resources will be spent in the same quantity, and the result will be achieved.

* Thus to deal with the defects of misgovernance, the concept of good governance emerged,  some elements of which have also been agreed upon in international institutions. These elements are as follows-


1. Accountability - This is the most important element of good governance. Good governance cannot be achieved unless accountability This element develops only in democracy. The possibilities of developing good governance flourish only through participation If there is no accountability towards democratic institutions, then the work will not be done properly.


2. Transparency -  Another important element of good governance is transparency in performance. Secrecy is often practiced in traditional governance, but it is not acceptable in good governance. Information about tasks and their results should be made available on demand. The Right to Information Act passed in the country is a step in this direction. This has increased transparency and increased the pressure on the government to make the right decisions.


3. Participation -  Emphasis should be given to increasing the equal participation of citizens. There should be no discrimination against citizens. It has been seen in practice that in governance, discrimination is often done in providing facilities on the basis of gender, class, caste, etc., but there is no place for it in good governance.


4. Credibility -  In good governance, there is ample emphasis on credibility. The only way to bring about good governance is to fully implement ours. The policies that the government makes should be right and when those policies are brought into practice, then they are implemented with full commitment, then only the credibility of the government comes from the people.


5. Rule of Law - Rule of law and an independent judiciary are necessary for good governance. When a person takes refuge in justice regarding his problem, then he should get speedy justice. A powerful judiciary is the foundation of democracy which is also an alternative mechanism to solve the problems of the people.


6. Apart from this, sensitivity in the processes of governance, efficiency, and full respect for human rights are also counted among the elements of good governance.

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