What is Metaverse and How it'll change our lives?

What is Metaverse and How it'll change our lives?
Posted on 31-01-2022

Hey guys, today we gonna talk about Metaverse

What is Metaverse?

When it'll come?

...and How it'll change our lives?

Let's get started!

People are highly interested to know a lot about the new technology, Metaverse.

Mainly because Facebook has rebranded itself as 'Meta'

Meta has become the first Metaverse company!

But what actually the Metaverse is? What can we expect from it?

And how it'll change the way we live our lives?

We're going to know all the answers very easily in this video

You can think of Metaverse as the copy of Real Universe.

We're going to make a copy of The Universe we are living in 🙂

Which'll be purely virtual. Metaverse companies will make it possible.

Facebook has recently declared itself a Metaverse company.

It means Facebook (Meta) will develop such technologies

Which'll be further used in Metaverse.

If we talk about Metaverse in further details

Metaverse can be termed as Virtual Universe.

In which all the existing technologies will be combined

And the Metaverse will be formed from all the technologies

If we talk about the Real World then we can Hear, Smell, Touch, Taste, and Feel the things around us.

You'll be capable to do all such things in that virtual universe, The Metaverse.

It'll become possible through combining all the virtual technologies

We'll be able to utilize all our senses in that virtual world.

In the present time, We have technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, etc.

In which, we can only use our two senses: our eyes & ears.

It means we can only see and hear the virtual world through VR & AR.

It is quite impossible to Touch, Smell, etc things using only these two technologies.

We don't have that capability yet.

But as we see Facebook as a metaverse company. It'll develop such technologies also.

By which, we'll be able to Touch, Smell, Taste the things around us in the Metaverse.

And after combining all these technologies, Metaverse will be formed.

Metaverse will be much amazing which will not only have entertainment purposes but also others.

Like If you wanna go shopping then there is no need to leave your seat.

You'll be able to Touch and Feel the desired thing you wanna buy.

You'll be able to Taste & Smell the desired Food you wanna order at home.

Think of a situation, You wanna taste the food of a newly opened restaurant.

Then you can first taste their dishes from home then you can decide whether to go there or not 😊

There can be a lot of amazing things like this one!