What is Semrush?

What is Semrush?
Posted on 26-02-2022

Surely you have heard about Semrush, but you do not know what it is, and we must tell you how much you are missing, since it is a set of online tools, which help you to do search engine marketing, more than nothing on google.



It is not only about SEO, Ads, and CPC, but it can be used for both, because of this it is seen as one of the main SEM tools. What attracts the users of Semrush, the online tool that has a large package of utilities connected to each other, that just by clicking will give us a lot of information, which will help us make decisions.

An example of this is a domain, in which we can analyze which keywords are being positioned, the percentage of traffic they have, and what is the structure of their backlinks. In fact, if you make Ads, you will be able to know which words the competition and the authority of the domain are bidding on, which is why SEO positioning is so important.

The tool called Semrush allows people endless things, including being able to create their own visibility graph, measure the evolution they have had against other competitors every day, observe 404 errors and 301 redirects, without a doubt. , a very long list of functions, whether it is for SEO or for PPC.

Each of the functions that Semrush has to make it an ideal online tool for individuals and agencies, which carry out both SEO and Ads campaigns, we can say with total certainty that Semrush is much more than an online keyword monitoring tool. keys.


We can say that the main function that we can see in Semrush is that it helps to do keyword research that is complete. For this, you can start by studying a keyword, in this way you can check if there is any other better way to do it through the search. In Semrush you can also look at the URLs that are found by positioning the word in order to take reference from them.

The Semrush tool also turns out to be very useful to be able to study the Ads campaigns that the competition has, and in this way be able to improve them and thus achieve a great competitive advantage in your favor. And that is not all, what the great online tool allows you to do, but you will also be able to see the evolution that the competition has had, the backlinks that are used, and how many domains it had.

In a way, it could be said that Semrush is a kind of very efficient and useful Swiss army knife since it helps us to see many different points of view and interest.


This is one of the features that make the online tool well known, without a doubt its organic keyword research is something that many people are interested in using. As we mentioned before, the main use of Semrush is that it is related to keywords and keyword analysis.

Something curious is that SEOs use this incredible software in order to improve the positioning of the URLs of their domains. Something incredible that we can see in Semrush if we talk about the keywords that are found in a domain is the following, so pay close attention.

We will start by telling you that its current position, past position and the evolution of a keyword, the average volume found in monthly searches, the cost per click that the keywords found in Google Ads currently have, the URL of the domain in which a keyword is positioned, the amount of traffic that can be achieved by each keyword and all the others.


Now, in the Semrush backlinks analysis part, without a doubt we can say that it is the area of ​​the online tool that has had the most improvements in recent times, currently, there are sectors that are very competitive that do not have backlinks, which puts these in a really difficult position of being able to reach the top positions at some point if they continue like this.

Since they are those that have more traffic and more quality that manage to contribute. By using Semrush, we can see the enormous authority that any domain has, the links it has, its IP addresses, and of course its domains.

Something that we can also observe thanks to this incredible online tool is to see the anchor text of those links, and of course, if they are follow or nofollow and to what URL they are being directed.

Semrush has a great history of links, entering it you will be able to observe the new ones and the lost ones, it also has huge complete management of the disavow to search.



One of the best examples that we can name you to use Semrush can be if we talk about a company, which wants to be able to increase its traffic, due to this the company makes the decision to create content through its blog. Instead of writing about some random topic, the company looks at the pages that have had the most traffic from its competition.

But not only does the company do that, but it must also observe the authority of the domain that the competition has, and its own, and in this way choose the search intention where it wants to compete.

Before you start writing, you should look very carefully at the keywords that have managed to gather the most traffic and that have those URLs, in this way you can create the complete architecture of the URL, and then with it, you can record a video even whenever it was needed.

Finally, the Semrush online tool can also be used as an online assistant, which will help you to have correct content writing.


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