Who is Mr Micawber arch enemy?

Who is Mr Micawber arch enemy?
Posted on 15-07-2023

Who is Mr Micawber arch enemy?

Mr. Micawber, a memorable character created by Charles Dickens in his novel "David Copperfield," is a lovable and charismatic figure known for his memorable catchphrases and optimistic outlook on life. Throughout the novel, Mr. Micawber faces various challenges and financial difficulties but always maintains his spirit and resilience. While Mr. Micawber encounters several adversaries and struggles with his own circumstances, it is difficult to pinpoint a specific character as his arch-enemy. Nonetheless, this article will explore the notable conflicts and challenges Mr. Micawber faces throughout the novel, highlighting key characters who pose obstacles to his happiness and well-being.

  1. Uriah Heep: One of the primary antagonists in "David Copperfield," Uriah Heep is a scheming and deceitful character who initially befriends Mr. Micawber. However, Heep eventually reveals his true nature as a conniving and manipulative individual. Although Heep's actions indirectly affect Mr. Micawber, it is worth noting that Heep's main target of manipulation and deceit is David Copperfield himself.

  2. Mr. Murdstone: Mr. Murdstone is a stern and controlling character who marries David Copperfield's mother and becomes David's stepfather. Mr. Micawber's encounters with Mr. Murdstone are limited, as their paths rarely cross. While Mr. Murdstone represents an oppressive figure in David's life, he does not emerge as a direct adversary to Mr. Micawber.

  3. Financial Struggles: Mr. Micawber's arch-enemy can be seen as the constant financial hardships he faces throughout the novel. Despite his best efforts, Mr. Micawber often finds himself in debt and facing the threat of imprisonment. His inability to manage his finances effectively and escape the cycle of poverty is an ongoing challenge that he battles against.

  4. Wilkins Micawber himself: Interestingly, Mr. Micawber's own nature and tendencies can be viewed as a form of self-sabotage. He possesses a habit of excessive spending and living beyond his means, often relying on loans and credit. While his charismatic personality and positive attitude are endearing, his financial irresponsibility and lack of restraint contribute to his ongoing struggles.

  5. Legal Troubles: Mr. Micawber encounters legal difficulties throughout the novel, primarily due to his financial situation. He faces the threat of imprisonment for debt and must navigate the legal system to find solutions and protect himself and his family. While the law itself is not Mr. Micawber's direct adversary, the legal troubles he faces pose significant challenges to his well-being.

  6. Social Class and Circumstances: Mr. Micawber's social class and circumstances also act as adversaries in his life. As a member of the lower-middle class, he faces various limitations and struggles to rise above his station. The societal constraints imposed on individuals of his background, including limited opportunities for career advancement and financial stability, contribute to his ongoing challenges.

  7. Personal Responsibility: Although not an arch-enemy in the traditional sense, Mr. Micawber's own lack of personal responsibility and failure to address his financial situation contribute to his ongoing hardships. While his positive attitude and resilience are commendable, his inability to make significant changes to his lifestyle and financial habits perpetuates his struggles.

In summary, Mr. Micawber's character in "David Copperfield" faces various challenges and adversaries throughout the novel. However, it is difficult to identify a specific arch-enemy who poses a constant threat to his well-being. Instead, Mr. Micawber encounters numerous obstacles, including financial difficulties, legal troubles, societal constraints, and personal responsibility. While characters such as Uriah Heep and Mr. Murdstone play significant roles in the overall narrative, their direct impact on Mr. Micawber's life is limited. Ultimately, it is Mr. Micawber's own tendencies, circumstances, and the ongoing battle with his own financial irresponsibility that represent his greatest challenges.

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